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UZI Airsoft SMG

A Pop Culture Icon: The UZI SMG

The Airsoft UZI is a popular choice among airsoft enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable and high-performance airsoft SMG. With its impressive utilitarian design, the Airsoft UZI is a favorite among players looking to add serious firepower to their arsenal. The Airsoft UZI is available in several variants, including the full-size UZI and mini UZI, as well as the micro UZI. Appearing in many games like the Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty Series as well as numerable Hollywood blockbusters, the UZI Airsoft SMG is easily one of the most iconic guns to exist. The airsoft gun variant uses an open bolt design, much like their real-steel counterparts which makes shooting the gun sound very satisfying with all the industrial clicks and clacks. It is also very simple to load, manipulate, and fire, while the trigger is smooth and responsive. This means you can quickly fire volumes of BBs at your opponents, giving you a significant advantage on the battlefield. If you're looking to add an UZI Airsoft gun to your collection, check out the Northeast Airsoft UZI MP2A1one of the newer, popular models or the KWC Mini UZI Airsoft SMG for those who prefer running Co2. 


Why is the gun called UZI?

The gun is named UZI after its inventor, Uziel Gal, an Israeli gun designer who developed the weapon in the late 1940s. The UZI submachine gun was originally designed for use by Israel's military and law enforcement agencies, but it quickly gained popularity around the world due to its compact size, reliability, and high rate of fire. Today, the UZI is considered an iconic firearm and has become a popular choice among airsoft enthusiasts due to its unique design and impressive performance.