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Systema PTW Infinity Gear box Kit (M130 Cylinder)

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Product Description:

The Systema Infinity Gearbox kit is probably one of the biggest innovations coming from Systema since the initial launching of their PTW or Professional Training Weapon series of airsoft guns. Being considered one of the best manufacturers for professional level training tools, Systema has touted itself as a go-to brand when it comes to rigorous requirements from discerning customers.

The Infinity Gearbox is their latest offering designed to take their already legendary performance to the next level. The gearbox starts with a breakthrough design which is ultra-compact. The whole gearbox, electronics, and motor are all fitted neatly into a trigger box that drops into any standard Systema PTW lower receiver. The brushless motor is ready to supercharger the gun with pre-cocking and DSG as a standard-setting!

The Infinity while may look small, it packs big capabilities. The electronics are capable of multiple multiple settings such as different firing modes, temperature cut off, voltage cut off, etc. Refer to the list below for more setting options!

Position for Pre-Cocking
Cycle Settings for Full-Auto and Three Round Burst
Active Brake
Cut-Off Temperature
Cut-Off Voltage

As mentioned, the Infinity is compatible with standard Systema upper and lower PTW receivers. This also extends to other compatible third-party receivers. Compatibility also extends to Systema PTW cylinders and magazines.

In this kit, you will also receive an M130 cylinder. The M130 cylinder is required in order to be used with DSG.

Systema PTW Infinity Gear box Kit (M130 Cylinder)

Highly Programmable
Designed to work with Existing Upper and Lower Systema PTW Receivers
Brushless Motor
Pre-Cocking and DSG as Standard Settings
Allows for the Mounting of Real Steel Style Pistol Grips
Gas Blowback Trigger Response
Programmable Firing Modes
Eliminates Gear Noise

Length (mm)
Net Weight (g)
Power Source
Replica Type
Shooting Mode
Burst / Semi Auto / Full Auto