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SUREFIRE Collection - eHobbyAsia Airsoft

Check out our catalog of SUREFIRE products to beef up your tactical weapons platform! 

SUREFIRE is a leading brand in the world of tactical lighting and firearm accessories. Known to be used by special operatives, military units and law enforcements for its reliability and performance, SUREFIRE offers a wide range of products, including the popular SUREFIRE X300 flashlight series, SUREFIRE Scout lights, and precision muzzle devices like the SUREFIRE Warcomp and SUREFIRE Warden. With their high-quality suppressors, such as the SUREFIRE RC2, and innovative advancements like the SUREFIRE X300U Turbo, SUREFIRE continues to seek for top-tier illumination and firearm enhancement solutions. Explore our selection of SUREFIRE flashlights and accessories to ensure you're always equipped for any situation! 

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Where are SUREFIRE flashlights made?

SUREFIRE flashlights were primarily manufactured in the United States. SUREFIRE is known for its commitment to producing high-quality tactical and illumination products, and many of their products were made in their facilities in Southern California.