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"The best upgrades an Airsofter can buy!"

Maple Leaf Airsoft is a highly regarded brand known for producing high-quality airsoft accessories and components, with a particular emphasis on their innovative Maple Leaf bucking system. Their buckings enhance the performance of airsoft guns, improving accuracy, range, and consistency. Maple Leaf Airsoft offers a wide range of buckings compatible with different gun models. They also produce various other airsoft upgrades and components. With a focus on quality and innovation, Maple Leaf Airsoft has become a trusted name in the airsoft community, providing players with reliable products that give them an advantage on the field.

  • Maple Leaf AEG Hop Tensioner
    Maple Leaf AEG Hop Tensioner
    Sold out
    Original Price $7.91
    Current Price $7.51

    SKU: RA-AT-E-ML-005

    Maple Leaf AEG Hop TensionerFor the Maple Leaf AEG Hop Up Rubbers