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MAGPUL Collection

All you need to known about MAGPUL

Magpul is a renowned firearms accessory manufacturer in both real steel and airsoft, known for its innovative products that enhances firearm performance. One of their most popular offerings is the magpul stock, offering superior stability and adjustability. The Magpul bipod is a versatile accessory designed for precise shooting, while the Magpul BTR (Back-Up Tactical Rear) enhances target acquisition and accuracy. For improved handling, the Magpul foregrip and Magpul grip provide ergonomic comfort and control. The Magpul CTR stock and Magpul STR (Storage/Type Restricted) stock offer various configurations for rifle enthusiasts. When it comes to slings, the Magpul sling series is a trusted choice, offering durability and functionality. To complement your setup, the Magpul MBUS 3 (Magpul Back-Up Sight) ensures reliable aiming in any situation. Here at eHobbyAsia we carry a collection of Magpul products for you to upgrade your airsoft weapons platform!