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M4 Series Airsoft Rifle Collection

"The M4: Where Form Meets Function"

An airsoft M4 is a replica firearm that is designed to shoot plastic BBs using compressed air or electric power. The M4 is a popular model of airsoft gun that is based on the real-world M4 rifle used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. M4 airsoft rifles are used for recreational shooting, military simulation games, and training exercises. M4 airsoft guns have adjustable M4 airsoft stocks, rails, and scopes. They can be customized and upgraded with aftermarket parts to enhance their performance. Here at Ehobby Asia, we offer an extensive collection of Airsoft M4. The most classic model is the Colt M4 airsoft rifle, but many more modern variants are also available. Some of the more popular models are the Tokyo Marui Airsoft M4 MWS rifle, VFC MK18 M4 Airsoft rifle, and the Double Eagle Eagle Noveske N4 Airsoft rifle. Check out our catalog and get yourself an M4 today!

  • G&G SSG-1 AEG Electric Rifle
    G&G SSG-1 AEG Electric Rifle
    Original Price $299.97
    Current Price $264.25


    G&G SSG-1 AEG Electric Rifle1/1 Scale High Power Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEGSemi/ Fully Automatic Shooting ModePolymer ReceiverMetal...

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