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LayLax Airsoft Collection

Check out out LayLax collection and upgrade your airsoft weapons platform with Top-Tier upgrade parts today!

Laylax is a highly respected and renowned Japanese brand known for producing top-quality aftermarket upgrade parts and accessories for airsoft guns for a long time. Their extensive selection includes high-performance internal and external upgrade parts for AEG and GBB Airsoft guns like premium inner barrels, high-performance gear sets, triggers, handguards, stocks, etc, as well as tactical gear and accessories like holsters, slings, and pouches. Laylax is renowned for its precision engineering and attention to detail, making them a popular choice for both experienced airsoft players and newcomers. Consider Laylax for upgrading your airsoft gun or investing in high-quality tactical gear.


  • Laylax TACTICAL iQOS CASE - Black
    Laylax TACTICAL iQOS CASE - Black
    Original Price $26.98
    Current Price $6.98

    SKU: LL-4571443146700

    Laylax Tactical iQOS CASE (Black)Polymer ConstructionThe waffle pattern allows increased grip in your handThe flexible nature of the shell means th...

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  • Laylax (GARUDA) Gun Socks (1300mm)
    Laylax (GARUDA) Gun Socks (1300mm)
    Original Price $11.97
    Current Price $9.66

    SKU: LL-4570189740036

    Laylax (GARUDA) Gun Socks (1300mm)Polyester Construction Airsoft Gun SocksThe Laylax (GARUDA) Gun Sock is designed to fit rifles and M4s.It is made...

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