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All about HOLOSUN, experience Precision and Reliability with HOLOSUN Optics!

HOLOSUN is your destination for cutting-edge optics that redefine precision and reliability for your firearms. Established in 2013, HOLOSUN, now based in California has rapidly grown to become an industry leader in affordable firearm reflex sights and tactical lasers for gun owners. Whether you're a competitive shooter, dedicated hunter, or tactical professional, they offer the best bang for buck solution to enhance your shooting experience. Their versatile red dot sights, including models like the 507K, 507C, 407K, 509T, 510C, 407C, and 508T, offer lightning-fast target acquisition, multiple reticle options, and incredible durability. Flagship models like the HS510C and HS512C, provide unmatched performance with a broad field of view, multiple reticle options, and solar backup power. When you opt for HOLOSUN, you're getting innovation, top-notch engineering, and a real commitment to quality. HOLOSUN optics are built to handle the toughest situations out there, so you can always count on your sight to perform. Check out our HOLOSUN catalog to find the perfect optic for you!



  • Holosun AEMS Low Mount
    Holosun AEMS Low Mount


    Holosun AEMS Low MountAluminum Construction RDS MountSuitable For Holosun AEMS Series Green/ Red Dot Sight1.22" HeightFit To Mount on 20mm Picatinn...

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