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Maruzen APS-3 Red Edition

SKU MRZ-4992487169829
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Product Description:

The Maruzen APS-3 is a specialized competition pistol commonly used in Olympic-style target shooting events. It is renowned for its exceptional accuracy and is favored by professional shooters. The pistol boasts an incredibly ergonomic grip, allowing for a comfortable and secure hold. Additionally, its sights are highly adjustable, providing shooters with precise aim and target acquisition. Despite its accuracy-focused design, the APS-3 remains relatively lightweight, ensuring ease of use and maneuverability during competitions.
One of the standout features of the APS-3 is its high level of adjustability. Shooters can customize the grip to accommodate different hand shapes and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal control. Furthermore, the trigger can be adjusted in terms of its length of pull. This two-stage trigger configuration allows for fine-tuning to suit individual preferences, enhancing shooting performance and consistency.
In terms of operation, the APS-3 follows a two-step process. Initially, the shooter activates the trigger unit, which is a metal plate positioned on top of the pistol. Subsequently, the lower lever is pumped to actuate the spring, charging the APS-3 and making it ready for firing. This mechanism ensures smooth and reliable cycling of the pistol, contributing to its overall performance.
Lastly, it is worth noting that the particular APS-3 being described features a distinctive limited production blue coating. This unique color adds a touch of exclusivity and aesthetic appeal to the pistol, making it a desirable choice for collectors and enthusiasts.
In summary, the Maruzen APS-3 is a highly specialized competition pistol designed for Olympic-style target shooting. It offers exceptional accuracy, adjustable features, and a user-friendly operation. The limited production blue coating further enhances its allure.

Maruzen APS-3 Red Edition

Precision Sports Shooting Competition is famous in Japan
Accuracy & Stability is the key to the game
Maruzen APS-3 Extreme Shooting Hand Gun
Olympic style competition pistol

Adjustable rear sights
Air Cocking System
Included Side Mounted Magazine (6 Rds Capacity)
Take this and to be a player of APS Cup
More Accuracy, more comfortable , new concept construction, completely new APS handgun