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Airsoft Handguard is on the front of a weapon, For more frontal grip of Your Rifle, Or for you to Attach The Additional Accessories on Your Airsoft Guns. Handguard Have a Different Type of The System (20mm Picatinny RIS/ M Lok/ Keymod), On The Real Rifle, Handguard is design For protect soldiers’ hands and allow air to circulate around and cool the barrel, on Airsoft , It Able to Store The Batteries on your Electric Airsoft Rifle or Attach The External Accessories (Flashlight/ Laser/ Foregrip/ Red Dot Sight/ Scope). The Famous/ Popular Handguard Include AR 15 Handguard, ar10 Handguard, M4 Handguards & AK Handguard.

  • 5KU SPORT-3 Kit For LCT PP19 AEG
    5KU SPORT-3 Kit For LCT PP19 AEG

    5KU SPORT-3 Kit For LCT PP19 AEG

    Original Price $110.00
    Current Price $93.40

    SKU: 5KU-335-BK

    5KU SPORT-3 Kit For LCT PP19 AEGMetal Construction Handguard Kit20mm Picatinny Rail on TopCome With The Airsoft Guns Outer Barrel Extension (14mm C...

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