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Airsoft Suppressor

  • G&P Stubby Suppressor (Skull Frog)


    SKU: GP-SIL001

    5KU DTK-4 Silencer (24 CW)Metal ConstructionEngraved "Skull Frog" Marking14mm CW/ CCW Thread Length: 101mm

  • EMG (G&P) Strike Industries Oppressor


    SKU: GP-SI002

    EMG (G&P) Strike Industries OppressorMetal ConstructionAggressive Style Oppressor/ Muzzle DeviceWith 14mm CCW/ CW Thread Adapter

  • ARES AR308 Silencer


    SKU: ARS-SIL-011

    ARES AR308 SilencerMetal ConstructionSuitable For ARES AR308 Series Electric Airsoft RiflesDesign for attach on to the AR308's existing flash hider...

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  • G&G SOCOM Suppressor-S (14mm CCW)
    G&G SOCOM Suppressor-S (14mm CCW)

    G&G SOCOM Suppressor-S (14mm CCW)

    Original Price $25.49
    Current Price $22.94

    SKU: G-01-006

    G&G SOCOM Suppressor-S (14mm CCW)Metal Construction14mm Counter Clockwise Thread CCWEngraved Realistic Marking on SuppressorDiameter: 32mmLengt...

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