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MOLLE Pouch Catalog - eHobbyAsia Airsoft

MOLLE: The most reliable gear mounting system!

MOLLE pouches, including MOLLE magazine pouches and magazine pouches MOLLE for pistols, are versatile accessories designed for military, law enforcement, and Airsoft players. These durable and customizable pouches securely hold magazines and other essential gear. With their modular design and reliable attachment system, MOLLE pouches ensure easy access and secure storage, making them essential for any tactical or outdoor loadout. Featuring MOLLE pouches from well-known brands like Ronin Tactics, Novritsch, TMC, Laylax, and various others, eHobbyAsia has got what you need for all your MOLLE accessories and pouches!

  • Laylax (Battle Style) Gauntlet
    Laylax (Battle Style) Gauntlet

    Laylax (Battle Style) Gauntlet

    Original Price $49.95
    Current Price $41.94

    SKU: LL-4571443155054

    Laylax (Battle Style) GauntletIntroducing a revolutionary category of equipment designed to enhance the functionality of your forearms. This inno...

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