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Marushin Browning M1910 Secret Agent Model Gun (Deep Black)

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Product Description:
About Real M1910 Pistol
The FN Model 1910, also referred to as the Browning model 1910, marked a significant shift for Browning in terms of production. While his previous designs were manufactured by both FN in Europe and Colt Firearms in the United States, Browning decided to patent and exclusively produce this particular design in Europe. Introduced in 1910, the pistol featured an innovative operating spring location surrounding the barrel, which later became the standard for firearms like the Walther PPK and Russian Makarov.
The FN Model 1910 incorporated Browning's familiar striker-firing mechanism and included safety features such as a grip safety, a magazine safety, and an external safety lever, collectively known as the "triple safety." Despite its compact size, the pistol offered a reliable and safe design. It was available in two calibers: .380 ACP with a 6-round magazine capacity and .32 ACP with a 7-round magazine capacity. Production of the FN Model 1910 continued until 1983. Notably, switching between calibers was possible by simply changing the barrel. However, FN did not offer packages that included a single pistol with both caliber barrels.

About Marushin M1910 Secret Agent Model Gun
The Marushin Browning M1910 Secret Agent model gun is an accurate reproduction of the renowned pocket pistol. In this particular version, it features a sleek glossy black finish and is equipped with a proprietary suppressor, enhancing its "secret agent" aesthetic as implied by its name. Despite being constructed of plastic, the gun's exceptional finishing gives it an authentic and non-plastic appearance, a hallmark of the reputable Japanese manufacturer. Moreover, it provides a satisfying tactile experience when held.
The realism of the gun extends beyond its appearance. It faithfully replicates all the safety features found on the genuine firearm, and the ejection action is highly gratifying, allowing you to rack the slide and eject shells just as you would with a real gun. Loading shells into the magazine, inserting the magazine itself, and chambering rounds all feel authentic and realistic.
Whether you seek a training piece, a movie prop, or simply an aesthetically pleasing tabletop item, the Marushin Browning M1910 Secret Agent model gun is an ideal choice. Its attention to detail and faithful replication make it a versatile and enjoyable addition to any collection.

Marushin Browning M1910 Secret Agent Model Gun (Deep Black)
Heavy Weight Polymer Construction (Deep Black)
Secret Agent Style
Realistic Model Gun Replica from Marushin
Polymer Slide & Frame (The slide looks as if it's a metal slide)
With Metal Dummy Suppressor
The magazine is as realistic as any "real" magazine (Include 5 Round Dummy Cartridge)
This gun can be strip-down like the real steel