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KTC TEC-9 / KG-9 GBB Machine Pistol

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Product Description:

The TEC-9 is a machine pistol or submachine gun that gained infamy due to its low production cost and simplicity, making it easily convertible to full-auto, often illegally. Its affordability and conversion potential made it a preferred weapon among criminals, leading to its involvement in numerous heinous crimes since its introduction in 1984. Consequently, the TEC-9 achieved a level of notoriety in popular culture similar to that of the AK-47. It has been referenced in music, depicted in the hands of criminals and gangsters in TV shows and movies, and prominently featured in video games such as the Grand Theft Auto series and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
In the airsoft market, the TEC-9 or KG-9 series of machine pistols is not a new concept. Maruzen previously produced both spring-powered and gas airsoft versions of the TEC-9, while Arms Revolution developed a gas blowback (GBB) version using the Maruzen system with high-quality external components. RWA later introduced an AEG version with similarly excellent externals. Now, Kingdom Technology has taken on the challenge of releasing its own gas airsoft version of this infamous submachine gun. Instead of relying on the outdated Maruzen gas airsoft system, they opted to redesign it, resulting in the KTC KG-9 (KT-101) gas airsoft machine pistol.
The KTC TEC-9 / KG-9 gas airsoft machine pistol boasts a well-built external construction. Resembling the real steel KG-9 or TEC-9, it features a stamped steel upper receiver and a nylon fiber frame. The only difference lies in its aluminum alloy bolt, designed to maximize the firing rate in full-auto mode. Internally, the KTC TEC-9 / KG-9 utilizes an open bolt system, mirroring its real steel counterpart. In contrast to the RWA KG-9 electric airsoft gun, the KTC gas airsoft gun offers select-fire capability, allowing for both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes of fire. Additionally, the KTC TEC-9 / KG-9 incorporates an easily adjustable hop-up system, accessible by opening the bolt and adjusting with a dial.

KTC TEC-9 / KG-9 GBB Machine Pistol

1/1 Scale High Power Assembled Gas Powered Airsoft GBB
Semi/Fully Automatic Shooting Mode
Open bolt system

Durable Polymer 9mm Lower Receiver Grip
Metal Upper Receiver
Metal Outer Barrel (14mm CCW)
Flip-up Front and Rear Sight
Metal Enhanced Trigger
55 Rounds Loading capacity 9mm style carbine magazine of 6mm plastic BBs

Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling
Adjustable hop-up system