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GK Tactical CNC Aluminum M72A3 LAW 40mm Grenade Launcher

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Abou Real M72 LAW Grenade Launcher
The M72 LAW, also known as the light anti-tank weapon or light anti-armor weapon, is a portable one-shot unguided anti-tank weapon with a 66mm (2.6 in) caliber. The solid rocket propulsion unit was developed by the Rohm and Haas research laboratory at Redstone Arsenal in 1959, while the complete system was designed by Paul V. Choate, Charles B. Weeks, Frank A. Spinale, and others at the Hesse-Eastern Division of Norris Thermador. American production of the weapon began in 1963 by Hesse-Eastern and ceased in 1983. Currently, it is produced by Nammo Raufoss AS in Norway and its subsidiary, Nammo Defense Systems (formerly Nammo Talley Inc.) in Arizona.
The U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps adopted the M72 LAW in early 1963 as their primary individual infantry anti-tank weapon, replacing the M31 HEAT rifle grenade and the M20A1 "super bazooka" in the U.S. Army. It was also used by the U.S. Air Force for anti-emplacement and anti-armor purposes in airbase defense.
In the early 1980s, plans were made to replace the M72 with the FGR-17 Viper. However, Congress canceled the Viper program, and the M136 AT4 was adopted instead. At that time, comparable weapons included the Swedish Pskott m/68 (Miniman) and the French SARPAC.

About Airsoft M72A3 LAW 40mm Grenade Launcher

The GK Tactical M72A3 LAW 40mm Grenade Launcher is an airsoft replica of the A3 variant of the LAW. This airsoft launcher faithfully captures the lightweight and compact design that made the original LAW successful. GK Tactical has utilized CNC aluminum and aluminum alloy for the inner tube to maintain a lightweight yet robust construction.
Similar to the real M72 LAW, this airsoft launcher is compatible with standard airsoft 40mm grenade rounds. To fully deploy the launcher, the inner tube needs to be extended, mimicking the operation of the real LAW.

GK Tactical CNC Aluminum M72A3 LAW 40mm Grenade Launcher
Faithful Replica of the M72 LAW Grenade Launcher
Aluminum Construction Airsoft Grenade Launcher
Equipped with Movable Mechanisms Similar to Real Ones
Realistic Dummy Front Sight
The rifle sling provides a more comfortable way to carry the grenade launcher
Utilize standard 40mm BB Shower such as Pro-Arms, G&P, King Arms, Mosquito, Classic Army... Cartridge (Cartridge Not Included)