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CYMA SGR-12 Airsoft Electric Shotgun (CM102)

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The CYMA SGR-12 has arrived to dominate CQB airsoft fields, offering the long-awaited combination of semi and fully-automatic fire with the spread of a tri-shot shotgun. This powerhouse is set to become a game-dominating force.Starting with the outer barrel, the SGR-12 features a cylindrical muzzle device called a "shotgun muzzle choke." While it doesn't function in the same way as its real steel counterpart, it adds a touch of realism to the shotgun's appearance. Additionally, when fired, the muzzle choke produces a booming muzzle report that adds to the intimidation factor on the field. Both the muzzle device and outer barrel are constructed from aluminum, providing a solid and durable build.Moving along, the handguard and receiver are seamlessly integrated into a monolithic upper receiver, crafted from precision-machined aluminum with a smooth matt black anodization finish. This monolithic design offers superior structural strength compared to separate handguard and upper receiver configurations, ensuring a secure and reliable shooting experience.The handguard features an aggressive and menacing design, complemented by angled vent ports that match its front-end angle. This gives the SGR-12 a distinct and formidable appearance, reminiscent of the sleek AA-12's evil twin. In terms of ergonomics, the SGR-12 surpasses its predecessor, the AA-12, with modern handling and features. It provides a comfortable and intuitive shooting experience, akin to a SCAR-H on steroids.The handguard incorporates M-LOK negative space attachment slots on the top, bottom, and sides, allowing for the mounting of various M-LOK accessories. Additionally, there are short sections of 20mm Picatinny rail at the 6 and 12 o'clock positions on the monolithic upper receiver. This provides compatibility with Picatinny rail adapters and offers convenient mounting options for accessories such as tactical flashlights. The flip-up front iron sight is included and can be mounted on the 12 o'clock rail.With its innovative features and menacing design, the CYMA SGR-12 is ready to dominate CQB airsoft battles. It combines the long-awaited capabilities of an electric tri-shot shotgun with modern ergonomics, making it a force to be reckoned with on the field.

On the right side of the upper receiver, you'll find the mock ejection port, which houses the triple HOP-up adjuster system. To access the adjusters, simply pull back the charging handle while making your adjustments. With the charging handle pulled back, you'll see three adjuster wheels, each marked with recessed indicators representing the corresponding barrels. The adjuster closest to the barrel tip controls the right side barrel (marked "R"), the center adjuster operates the uppermost barrel (marked "T"), and the final adjuster adjusts the left side barrel (marked "L").The HOP-up system of the CM.102 SGR-12 functions differently from a standard AEG. Not only does it allow for adjustments based on different BB weights, but the HOP-up of the left and right side barrels is set at an angle, enabling you to widen or reduce the spread of the three BBs fired with each trigger pull. While the top barrel's HOP-up can be adjusted as usual to extend the range, adjusting the side barrels will increase or decrease the spread of your shots. This feature makes it easier to hit rapidly moving targets and increases your chances of landing a shot, even if fired quickly without proper aiming.

The charging handle, located at the top left of the upper receiver, resembles that of a SCAR rifle but does not use a spring return mechanism. After making your adjustments, you'll need to push the charging handle forward to return the mock bolt to its original position and conceal the adjuster wheels. The charging handle can also be folded flat against the receiver when not in use, reducing the risk of it snagging on your gear and impeding your movement.Moving to the lower receiver, you'll find a familiar pistol grip and fire selector layout inspired by the well-known M4/AR15 platform. If you're accustomed to using an M4, adapting to the SGR-12 will be a breeze. The pistol grip features an ergonomic "Tango Down" style design known for its comfort, often found on customized rifles used by special forces worldwide. Above the pistol grip, the fire selector offers safe, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic fire modes with an ultra-short 45-degree throw between each mode. Each selector mode is marked with a recessed pictogram: "0" for safe, a small cluster of dots indicating buckshot for semi-auto, and a larger cluster of dots for fully automatic.The ambidextrous magazine release is located in front of the trigger guard and consists of two paddles, one on each side, allowing for easy operation by both right- and left-handed users. You can either depress the mag release with your thumb, similar to an AK-style release, or push it forward with your trigger finger, as you would with an M4/AR15. The well-positioned mag release demonstrates the SGR-12's advanced design, with careful consideration given to ergonomics.

At the rear of the receiver, you'll find a SCAR-style sling plate with loops on both sides, allowing for easy sling attachment for both left- and right-handed users. This sling plate eliminates the need for additional parts and can accommodate both single-point and two-point slings. The front sling point is located on the left side of the handguard. Both the front sling point and rear sling plate are made of aluminum, providing strength while keeping the weight of the shotgun in check.Moving on to the stock, the SGR-12 features a fixed stock with a modern design. It shares a similar silhouette to the M4/AR15 crane stock but includes a raised cheek piece for improved sight alignment and comfort. The stock also has a thick rubberized butt pad, ensuring a secure shoulder grip in all weather conditions, whether you're wearing body armor or not.Inside the stock is where the battery compartment is located. To access it, you need to push the concealed release button at the toe of the stock. Once pressed, the butt plate can be lifted upward and pulled to the rear. Inside, you'll find a Deans battery connector where you can connect your battery. For the CM.102 SGR-12, it is recommended to use an 11.1V LiPo battery in a stick configuration for a comfortable fit. During testing, it was discovered that the SGR-12 performs best with the extra power provided by an 11.1V battery due to its larger and more complex gearbox. The battery compartment is limited in space, so it is recommended to use a PDW-type stick battery with a capacity between 600 and 900mAh. The unique operating system of the SGR-12, with its three BBs per trigger pull, makes it a highly effective tool for aggressive CQB players. While you still need to aim with a tri-shot shotgun, the SGR-12 significantly increases your hit probability, especially in dynamic CQB environments with quickly moving targets. The CM.102 SGR-12 from CYMA is a top choice for players seeking a CQB tool to dominate indoor arenas and clean up the competition.

CYMA SGR-12 Airsoft Electric Shotgun (CM102)

Semi & Fully Automatic Shooting Mode

Metal Upper Receiver/ M LOK Rail System Handguard & Polymer Lower Receiver
Metal Trigger & Fire Selector
Flip-up Front & Rear Sight
Metal Barrel & Flash Hider
3 round fire from 3 barrels. Adjust hop-up individually.
Polymer Housing 100 Rounds Magazine (With Dummy Shotgun Shell Inside the Magazine)

7.4V Li-Po Battery/ 8.4V 1,300mAh Ni-MH Mini S Battery can store into Stock (Package Not Include)
At the front and rear have a sling mount

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