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BJ TAC Modular Holster Adapter (TN Style)

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Product Description:

BJ TAC Modular Holster Adaptor (MHA), a revolutionary solution designed to address the issues commonly associated with factory polymer belt adaptors. By securely clamping the belt between an aluminum adapter and aluminum belt bars, this innovative design eliminates unwanted movement, flex, and sliding. The 0.190" thick domestically produced 6061-T6 Aluminum material, combined with the clamping force, creates a rigid and flex-free platform for holsters.

The MHA fully supports the popular "Mid-ride" mode of carry, allowing the pistol to be positioned below the shooter's belt line. This strategic placement enables the holster system to clear body armor and pouches, ensuring optimal functionality. Compatible with all "three-hole" pattern Safariland-type holsters and other brands utilizing the same attachment method, this adapter provides versatile compatibility. It also accommodates various quick detach holster systems, including QLS, MLS, ELS, and more.

Holsters mounted to the Modular Holster Adaptor offer a generous range of cant adjustment. With 10? of forward cant and 10? of negative cant available, users can achieve a total range of 20? degrees. The adaptor features three height mounting points, conveniently spaced 1/2" apart, descending from the top mid-ride mounting point. This configuration allows for easy customization of the holster's cant and height, catering to individual preferences, body size, and type.

Upgrade your holster setup with the BJ TAC Modular Holster Adaptor (MHA) and experience enhanced stability, flexibility, and versatility in your carry system.

BJ TAC Modular Holster Adapter (TN Style)
6061-T6 Aluminum Construction Airsoft Modular Holster Adapter (MHA)
Clamps belt between aluminum adapter and belt bars
Creates a ridged, flex-free platform for holsters
Made of 0.190" thick domestically produced 6061-T6 Aluminum
Supports "Mid-ride" mode of carry
Lowers pistol below belt line for clearance of body armor and pouches
Fits all "three-hole" pattern Safariland-type holsters
Compatible with other brands using the same attachment method
Supports quick detach holster systems like QLS, MLS, ELS, etc.
Holsters mounted accommodate 10? forward cant and 10? negative cant
Total range of 20? degrees of cant adjustment
Provides three height mounting points, set 1/2" apart
Allows custom configuration of holster's cant and height
Customization based on personal preference and body size/type