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Volante Airsoft Stratos BBU for Marui Model 17/22/26/34

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Volante Airsoft Stratos BBU for Marui Model 17/22/26/34
Stratos BBU is developed for desperate needs of Marui Model 17/22/26/34 or KJ GSERIES users.
Stratos has two cylinder which are 15.5mm and 13.5mm each.
When the gun is fired, 15.5mm cylinder act first and it propels slide with brutal force.
Then 13.5mm cylinder starts to act and sustain slide’s velocity to the end.
In sum, Stratos BBU has 33mm nozzle travel.
This design is patent pending for many countries.

Two stage blow back system
Stratos BBU has unique design which contains two different cylinder in its housing.
When a gun is fired, these two cylinder extend like telescopes.
15.5mm diameter cylinder accelerates slide with brute force,
then 13.5mm cylinder pushes slide to its maximum speed and sustain it to the end of blow back action.

The Volante Airsoft Stratos BBU is highly durable and was made specifically for the Marui G and KJ G series (much stronger than the factory plastic housing from Marui). But most importantly, it delivers a much more efficient blow back action due as this kit will allow the user to use CO2 gas!

This blowback unit is highly innovative in its 2 stage design, which delivers much stronger recoil action. Designed to work with green gas or CO2, this blowback housing delivers up to 35% stronger recoil action in our tests. It is a perfect addition to gas pistols with heavy steel slides, where the installation of this blowback unit will give you much crisper blowback slide action! Don't settle for sluggish and slow cycle times. Upgrade to Volante and wake your pistol up!

This particular kit comes with The Blowback Housing, Nozzle, Back plate, 5 spare magazine lips and a couple O rings & shims.