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Home Airsoft Grenades AVATAR Impact Airsoft Grenade Plasma Skinz

AVATAR Impact Airsoft Grenade Plasma Skinz

Original Price $55.98
Current Price $19.97
Length (mm)
Net Weight (g)

Product Description:

Are you looking for a rugged grenade that can be changed into many different looks and optional plug-and-play features for different scenarios? Then look no further than the AVATAR!

The AVATAR Grenade is designed to be modular with its innovative CORE & SKINZ concept, where 1 CORE unit and 1 SKINZ unit makes 1 grenade. The CORE itself determines how the grenade detonates, whereas the SKINZ mainly focuses on its performance and obviously, the look. This means that there will be alternative SKINZ that offer different arrays of BB containment and spread of BBs, and different CORE for different detonation methods. The upgrade potential for this grenade is endless, hence it was granted the title: World's First Smart Airsoft Grenade.

The 12 circular holes you see around the top and bottom rim of the grenade is where one inserts the BBs. Overall, it will contain up to 60 BBs and will disburse at around 150 fps on impact. Knowing that the AVATAR Grenade can withstand quite a lot of damage and the materials used, you're getting an exceptional grenade for the price as it will last you a very long time and will be used repeatedly without showing any signs of breakage or slowing down. Very durable skinz with a rubber surfaces that allow you to bounce the grenades towards your enemies, the AVATAR is the coolest grenade to hit the Airsoft market in a long time!

60 BBs capacity
Rubber and aluminium construction
Powerful side blast
Can be toss or also be roll to reach farther locations
Fast Blinking Blue and Green LED kit

This Skinz is a another LIMITED EDITION one and inspired from the popular videogame Halo. Shape and design are the finnest ones for this piece of art. Still efficiency is there with 60 bbs but spreading at great power.

SPECIFICATIONS : 60 bbs capacity, rubber material for the external shell, rolling or throwing grenade, high straight angle blast radius, easy refill with bb loader prints.

Package includes the following:

1x Plasma Skinz (SKINZ ONLY)
1x Blue/Green LED Switch Kit (Fast Blinking Blue and Green light)
*Do note that this is only the Skinz. This package does NOT come with the core. You will have to purchase that separately with the MK1 skinz!