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MSM Infidel Strong Patch (Desert Tan)

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Product Description:

MSM Infidel Strong Patch (Desert Tan)
Tactical Gear Patch
Widely used by army solider & military personnel
Though the word Infidel has been used throughout the annals of history, its meaning has changed dramatically, from the earliest meaning of ?one without faith? (to those outside of one?s religion) to an insult to the western regimes. Whilst the Christians who first used it on the Muslims in the Crusades, it is now being used by the people of the Middle-East people on the people of the West.
Also used by Airsoft Guns Player/ Collector
The quick id for friendly team in environment
Gear up your BDU attaching this id type patch with its Velcro Strap
Can attach to body armor, tactical vest, harness & any BDU with Velcro End

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