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RWC Agency Arms EXA GBB Airsoft Pistol (Ronin Black Barrel Edition)

Original Price $371.00
Current Price $333.90
Product Description:

The RWA Agency Arms EXA Pistol is the first GBB Pistol that RWA has ever released under the Agency Arms & Lone Wolf Distribution license. Most notably the pistol is the same pistol used by Agency Arms Asset Paul Vandunk! At a glance, the EXA boats Agency Arms' EXA Hybrid slide cut, mid-line outer barrel, and Lone Wolf's signature Timberwolf frame. Out of the box, the pistol comes pre-installed with a fiber optic front sight and blackout rear sight, allowing for a cleaner sight picture as well as the consistency of a standard red dot optic.

Progressing past the trigger is the frame.  As stated, this is a fully licensed Timberwolf frame by Lone Wolf Distributors and upon casual inspection, it already bears stark differences from the basic Glock frame.  To start, it features a straighter grip angle for a more natural grip and a higher beavertail designed to better mitigate recoil.  Agency Arms took it one step further by having it modded to their specifications.  The frame seen on the EXA pistol features the signature accelerator cuts towards the front that acts as a thumb shelf for better recoil control and the reversible magazine release makes this pistol friendly for both left and right-handed shooters.  The faux stippling seen on the EXA pistol is called "Shark Scale" and offers probably one of the best out-of-the-box gripping experiences seen on any pistol of this kind.  Furthermore, the frame comes with the ability to change out its back-straps for a more custom fit for shooters that might be more comfortable with 1911s, XDMs, or SIGs (depending on the back-strap used, slimline for 1911s, or contoured for XDM and SIG).  It's no surprise that many real steel Glock users upgrade to the Timberwolf frame!

The Agency Arms EXA pistol's magazine comes with a bumper which in the real steel world offers two extra rounds of capacity.  In this airsoft pistol, it is purely for aesthetics, though, it can provide a base level of protection for your magazine from the elements and some potential fall damage.  Reloading the magazine is very smooth as it's designed to work seamlessly with the low-profile magwell that comes pre-installed with every EXA pistol.  You can also enjoy this ease of use with some other magazines compatible with the EXA as well such as magazines from Umarex / VFC Glocks and TM G series magazines (not entirely a 100% fit, some smoothing is necessary with TM magazines).  

Finally, the EXA pistol's footprint is similar to that of a Glock 17 which means you can use many of the same accessories such as lights, lasers, and holsters.  

This particular EXA is exceptionally special as it's the first product featuring the fully licensed Ronin Tactics logos and custom cerakote in a multicam black like camo by in-house RWA Hillbilly 223 International certified applicators, it also features the RWA Agency Arms Titanium Nitride 14mm CCW Threaded Barrel installed so you can attach different suppressors and tracer units, allowing for extra modularity.

RWC Agency Arms EXA GBB Airsoft Pistol (Ronin Black Barrel Edition)

1:1 Ratio Realistic Airsoft GBB Pistol
Semi-Automatic Airsoft Gas Blow Back GBB Pistol
Powerful performance With Top Gas
Agency Arms & Lone Wolf Distribution licenses Pistol

Metal Slide (Cerakote Multicam Black)
CNC Steel Outer Barrel (With Titanium Nitride 14mm CCW Thread)
Glow Front Sight (Ambient Light collecting acrylic rods, Red) & Rear Sight
Serrations on Front & Rear Slide
Polymer Frame With Non Slip Texture Stippled Grip
Adjustable Syndicate Trigger
20mm Picatinny Under Rail Perfect for mounting weapon lights or lasers
Come With 23 Rounds Loading Capacity Gas Magazine

Adjustable hop-up

Ammo Size
Barrel Thread Size (mm)
Barrel Thread Type
Capacity (rds)
Hop up
Inner Barrel Length (mm)
Length (mm)
Magazine Type
Gas Pistols
Net Weight (g)
Power (fps)
Power Source
Green Gas / Top Gas
Replica Type
Shooting Mode
Semi Auto