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GUARDER (Intruder Shop) Collection - eHobbyAsia Airsoft

"By Airsoft Players, For Airsoft Players" -Guarder Motto

Established at May 1st, 1994, the "Intruder shop" was initially a provider of police equipment to the local market. However, the Intruder shop soon began selling Airsoft goods and equipment to a developing local community. In the Winter of 1997 the Intruder shop began to expand in order to satisfy the needs of the international market. The Intruder shop began providing the local Asian region with extremely competitive and diverse products under the "Guarder" line, the company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of airsoft components and accessories, such as precision inner barrels, hop-up units, airsoft gun kits, and various tactical gear, developing a good reputation for amongst the Asian region retailers. The Intruder shop always puts extreme priority on product quality control in order to further to provide the international airsoft community with quality goods that are by Airsoft players, for Airsoft players.